What is Lumen and its use

What is Lumen? If you need to answer this question with one statement then you can say “Lumen is a fast micro-framework by Laravel and is used to develop high-speed micro-services and API development.


Lumen is majorly used to develop APIs and web services. Lumen is Laravel’s micro framework that was created by Laravel’s creator i.e. Taylor Otwell. You can check all the releases here Release Notes – Lumen – PHP Micro-Framework By Laravel.

Lumen is a micro framework which means it is a fast and small version of the web framework. PHP has other two frameworks named slim and silex.

Lumen and its benchmark
Lumen Benchmark

Install Lumen

Lumen use composer to install all its dependencies. So, before you start you have to install composer first. If you don’t know how to install composer follow the article here Install Composer on Linux and Windows in 3 Steps.

Some server requirements to install Lumen are,

  • PHP 7.3 (for the newer Lumen version)
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension

Note: To enable above extension we use php.ini file and search for these. To enable extension, just remove semicolon(;) from the start.

You can install Lumen, like laravel by pulling it from global.

After the complete installation, if you use a local server or any built-in PHP server then run the below command,

How to Run Laravel Project on Localhost

Some Major Points About Lumen

  1. Lumen is the micro-framework for web applications that are used to create microservices or APIs.
  2. It is a smaller and lighter part of Laravel.
  3. On the integration part, it supports third-party integrations like any payment gateway or security packages like JWT.
  4. It handles a number of requests more than Laravel.
  5. Also, response time is very less compared to Laravel.
  6. Lumen is majorly used for its speed.


Lumen is a trimmed version of laravel to increase its speed. It does not create problems with major tasks like views, sessions, routing, etc. So here we learn about Lumen, its major use, and its installation on our local server.

Hope you will understand, if you have any questions let me know.

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