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XAMPP, Apache – Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly – Solved

Here we will discuss the Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly issues with XAMPP. In this complete article, we will know...

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How to get hidden input field values in PHP?

To get hidden input field values in PHP, we use PHP global variable, To create a hidden field, we...

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Get Client MAC And IP Address Using PHP

Before we get started with Get Client MAC And IP Address Using PHP, first, we have to know some...

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PHP trim() Function With Multiple Examples

PHP trim() function is mainly used to trim or remove whitespace from the start and end of the string....

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How to Search and Replace Tag Values in XML File using PHP

To search and replace tag values in XML files using PHP, we use the PHP string replace function str_replace()....

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PHP str_replace Function | Complete Guide

In this tutorial, we learn PHP str_replace Function with help of multiple types of examples. How we can use...

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PHP file_get_contents() Function With Example

In this tutorial, we learn how we can get the complete string from any URL or from any text...

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PHP in_array() Function with Complete Concept and Example

Introduction PHP in_array function is an inbuilt function in PHP. As the name suggests in_array() function means, this function...

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PHP password_hash, password_verify With Example

Introduction PHP password_hash is a built-in function that is majorly used to encrypt the password string. Encryption has c...

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