My name is Bikash Kr. Panda. I own and operate PHPCODER.TECH. I am a web Programmer by profession and working on more than 50 projects to date. Currently I am working on the web-based project and all the CMS and frameworks which are based on PHP.

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How to locate empty directories in windows using CMD

To find empty directories in Windows, by using the Command Prompt, we can use the following command, Note that...

Dec 18 · 58 sec read >

PHP Shorthand If Else (Ternary Operator)

PHP Shorthand If Else means, when we creates conditional logic code using shortcut operators. There are multiple conditional statements...

Dec 9 · 58 sec read >

PHP: Logout From All Devices on Password Change

To log out users from all devices when the password is changed in PHP, here we will create a...

Mar 3 · 1 min read >

Send Emails in JavaScript Using SMTP with Example

To Send Emails in JavaScript Using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), we will use JavaScript SMTP CDN and Gmail app password...

Feb 23 · 50 sec read >

How to check if an array is empty, NULL, or undefined in jQuery?

To check if an array is empty, NULL, or undefined in jQuery and JavaScript, we use two major functions,...

Jan 21 · 1 min read >

Sum of all duplicate values in an array using JavaScript

Also Read: for-Each In JavaScript With Example Here we create a program to find the Sum of all duplicate...

Jan 13 · 34 sec read >

How to Print Multiple Array Values in PHP?

To print multiple array values in PHP, first, we have to merge multiple arrays and store them in a...

Jan 11 · 54 sec read >

jQuery: Check and Get Special Characters from String

To Get Special Characters from String in jQuery we use the string indexOf function. Also Read: 7 Most Useful...

Dec 17 · 33 sec read >

Convert Unix timestamp to DateTime using JavaScript And jQuery

To Convert Unix timestamp to DateTime using jQuery and JS, we use the JavaScript date object and other date...

Dec 12 · 1 min read >