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To Create Pagination in PHP with Ajax, first, we know some brief use of pagination. At the time of creating projects, paginations are a very important part of our project. When we get huge data from the database to show on the page, we always prefer pagination functionality because of the User interface.

For maintaining better user experience we always prefer Ajax for loading the PHP pagination. On this snippet of code, we will show you how we develop pagination functionality using PHP, MySQL, and Ajax.

Create Pagination in PHP with Ajax

Complete Source Code to Create Pagination in PHP with Ajax

Using PHP we will display records or posts from the database in a table with pagination link. Ajax will help to get records without page refresh. Before start see below for a small file structure,

  1. posts.sql
  2. connection.php
  3. index.php
  4. pagination.php

Database creation

We have a posts table where we have some data and fields i.e. Title and Link. That table’s SQL like this which is given below,

Database Connection (connection.php)

This file helps us to connect to the database,

index.php File

On this page we include JQuery and Bootstrap link with pagination code and complete file given below.

Now we create JQuery and PHP logic which helps us to make pagination,

PHP code 

On this PHP code highlighted code is the complete logic of pagination.

Jquery Logic

pagination.php File

In this file, we get the data from the database and creating all the queries for that.

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