PHP crud operation using ajax

Hello Coders, today we will learn about PHP Crud Operation Using AJAX which is very important for a PHP beginner who wants to learn about Ajax and also want to implement ajax based core PHP CRUD operation.

Ajax helps us to work without any page load and also from that we work in a fast way, loading speed is incredibly increased.

Here are the list of major PHP files which we create on whole PHP AJAX CRUD operation,

  1. Conn.php
  2. Index.php
  3. app.js
  4. add.php
  5. view.php
  6. edit.php
  7. update.php
  8. delete.php

So let’s start with the code and check the comments of the code for elaboration.

First, we create a database with the name whatever you want and make a connection file with that name.

Complete Source code of PHP Crud Operation Using AJAX


Here it is a connection file named,


after connectivity, we are going to add data to the database, before adding the code first we write code for design and giving ID to the all used fields, see below code


Now we write the query for inserting data on the database, before insertion we create a js or Ajax file for full CRUD operation. On this JS file, we using Jquery and Ajax, this is also the main file where all the operation is held. See below for the code


Now we create add query,


For the viewing the file we are creating view file where data are getting from the database using PDO and MySql queries with Ajax.


Now we create the Edit file where edit design is available with dynamic data for updating.


Here is now for updating the fetched data we create a query for updating. See the code below


Now, this is the last which is delete operation.


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Note: Please link your bootstrap files. (CSS and JS)

To know more about PHP, go for PHP official site

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