PayPal Integration using Braintree API

Today we learn about PayPal Integration using Braintree API.

In my previous article we setup the Braintree Sandbox API for integrating 4 types of payment gateway.

Braintree Portal:

So after setup the Braintree API we get the API and Client-side SDK from Braintree portal.

Here are the 3 steps, how to integrate PayPal payment Gateway using Braintree.

  • Client-side SDK basic configuration.
  • Checkout with PayPal checkout instance.
  • Save the transaction details using a server-side script.
PayPal Integration using Braintree API

Client-side SDK basic configuration

Here are JavaScript V3 SDK which we include in Client-side SDK basic configuration for PayPal Integration.

For showing PayPal button we have to create a div the element where the PayPal button will populate.

Creating PayPal Checkout Instance

To create PayPal checkout flow 2 things are important,

  • currency
  • amount

Complete Source code of PayPal Integration using Braintree API



Here is the complete source code to integrate PayPal with Braintree.

Use it and let me know if you have any issue.

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