How to Create an Exit Intent Popup

Exit intent popup is very widely used by websites because of lead generation (which is a part of Digital Marketing) and also for getting users in on website.  Using bootstrap modal we create an exit intent popup.

First thing what is exit popup?

Explanation: Exit intent popups basically appears on website or web pages when the user bounce back (or when user going to close that tab) from our website.

How to Create an Exit Intent Popup

Exit intent popup Script

Here we are creating Exit intent popup using the bootstrap modal. Below are the Four Steps for How to Create an Exit Intent Popup,

  1. Including required scripts like, exitIntent JS, bootstrap css & js CDN.
  2. After Including, we create a bootstrap modal (responsive popup) which is appear at end.
  3. Using CSS, we design that modal.
  4. At end, For calling that modal we create a JS script. (Important Point)

Required Scripts

Below are the scripts of JQuery CDN, Bootstrap CSS CDN, JQuery ExitIntent JS, and Bootstrap JS CDN.

check this: JavaScript Array | Array length, push, pop, shift, unshift, IndexOf, forEach

Creating a Bootstrap Modal

Here we create a responsive popup using the bootstrap modal. See the below code,

Bootstrap Modal Design using CSS

Here is the CSS code for the design of the background body and bootstrap modal. Check below code,

Creating an Exit Popup JS script

On this script, when a user going out from website then the Exit Popup appears. After one time the popup not coming till next refresh or next navigation. 

From that link download the complete Exit Intent Popup Script: Click Here

LIVE VIEW OF Exit Intent Popup

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