Difference between $ and $$ in PHP

Today we check the difference between single dollar ($) and double dollar ($$).

Here is a most confusing question that, what is the Difference between dollar and double dollar in PHPWe all know that in PHP programming $ is used for declaring variables or when we write a variable name in PHP, use $ before that name.

Difference between Dollar and Double Dollar in PHP

First thing, in the single dollar ($) stored data is fixed while in the double dollar ($$) is changed dynamically. Variable means are changeable. With explanation variables are those things which are changeable on time.

$var: represnts a variable

$$var (variable’s variable): represents a varibale with the content of $var

Now we check the major difference between $ and $$ with the help of an example below,

Example Difference between Dollar and Double Dollar in PHP



Difference between $ and $$ in PHP

Explanation of the single dollar ($) and double dollar ($$) Example

$$var2 => $($var2) => $var => PHPCODERTECH

The double dollar is a very useful feature of PHP where you can use for assign variable value dynamically.

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