How to Fetch Data From a Database in PHP Faster?

Fetch data from a database in PHP faster, in this article, we will use an example that shows how we can write an optimized database query. And also check how we can create a database structure which used to run DB queries faster.

5+ Steps to Fetch Data From a Database in PHP Faster

Here are some very important steps which help to optimize the DB query and show data faster,

  1. Create a good DB structure by specifying the necessary Length or Values and type.
  2. Do not increase unnecessary Lengths or Values in table fields.
  3. Assign keys, like primary, unique, and foreign key constraints (if necessary).
  4. Avoid a maximum of three or more table joins (MySQL Joins).
  5. Never use select * (if not necessary).
  6. Only use table field name with SELECT clause, like SELECT id, first_name, last_name, username FROM userinfo.
  7. Use MySQL – INDEXES which can improve the speed of DB operations.

Now we will create a simple MySQL operation where we first set up the DB connectivity via PHP then we get the values from DB.

Database Structure

MySQL DB Structure
MySQL DB Structure

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Create a MySQL Database Connection

We use MySQLi Procedural way to connect the database and also use PHP MySQLi function mysqli_connect.

mysqli_connect the function takes 4 parameters,

  • Host name (required)
  • Database username (required)
  • Database password (if set)
  • Database name (required)

Create a Web Page to Show Data Using MySQLi Query

Here we just create a web page where we take the complete data from the database by using PHP MySQLi functions.

Show Data From MySQLi DB using PHP
Show Data From MySQLi DB

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Code Highlights:

Here we create a table with some required rows. Then we include the database connection file include(‘conn.php’). Which we create in the above steps.

Now, here we are using mysqli_query the function, which is used to run the complete MySQL DB query.

mysqli_query the function takes 2 parameters, one is the connectivity variable and the second is the MySQL query.

In the query, you can see we just use specific fields to get data SELECT id, first_name, last_name, username not using SELECT *.

And also use the primary key in the DB table structure.

At last, we use mysqli_fetch_array the function to get all the data, which takes only one parameter which is mysqli_query stored variable.

It is used inside the loop to get multiple data from the database.


In this complete article, we learned how we can Fetch Data From a Database in PHP Faster with the help of some DB modification steps. We create a small example where we get the data from the database in an optimized way.

I hope you understand the complete guide. Please let me know if you want to know more.

Happy Coding..!

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